Meet the Team

  • Brian G. Daly




  • Ryan Gillispie

    Executive Vice President

  • Kevin Price

    Kevin Price

    Senior Vice President

  • Molly Hufton

    VP, Operations & Finance



  • Chani Ober

    Chani Ober

    Assistant Vice President



  • Kristina Martin

    Kristina Martin

    Director of Agent Services

  • Chelsey Grooms

    Chelsey Grooms

    Senior Broker

  • Ashley Holtz

    Ashley Holtz

    Cyber Broker

  • Cameron Golman

    Cameron Golman

    Operations Manager





  • Ashley Lowder

    Ashley Lowder

    Account Executive

  • Megan Kramer

    Megan Kramer

    Account Manager

  • Latoya Brown

    Latoya Brown

    Account Support



  • Natalie Arguello

    Natalie Arguello

    Account Manager

  • Clance Cook

    Clance Cook

    Compliance Support

  • Thomas Butler

    Thomas Butler

    Account Support






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