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Ashley Holtz - Cyber Broker

After spending seven years in cosmetology, Ashley decided she needed to try something new. She began at Highland Risk as a part time office clerk in August of 2013 and quickly decided this was the career for her. One task she undertook was to get Highland Risk to a point where there are no more paper files and all business is handled online. Ashley became a full-time employee in January 2014. Within three short years, she was promoted to Account Manager, and as of April 2017 promoted to Cyber Broker, bringing her years of learning and experience to provide our clients the protection they need.

She continues to practice as a stylist after relocating to Chicago, where she really enjoyed the interaction with clients. The Chicago move was made so that her children – Tyson (11), Colton (10), and Arianna (7) – can be closer to their grandparents.

Ashley loves sports. Her favorite team is Alabama, but she is such a fan, she watches every football game, no matter who is playing. She also enjoys hockey – which both her boys play – and basketball. Her weekends consist of family activities and church.

Office: (847) 999-9495


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