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Risk Management: A Look at Staffing Standards


Senior care facilities are required by law to provide sufficient staff to provide adequate care for residents; at least one registered nurse available for at least eight hours a day, and at least one licensed practical nurse on duty twenty-four hours a day.

However, to meet the need of residents, assisted living homes must move beyond these minimum requirements and attract quality health care providers. In order to do so, it is necessary to have a plan in place for staff recruitment, training, and retention in order to provide a constant, high quality standard of care.

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Illinois and Michigan on Top Twenty Nursing Home List

U. S. News has just issued a report on the “Best Nursing Homes – 2014.” The data used comes from federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The states in the top twenty all have at least three hundred nursing homes. Each home was rated on a five-star system taking into consideration nurse staffing, health inspections, and the quality of medical care.

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The Future of Elder Care

Future of Elder Care

Our economy is changing, and those changes are affecting senior care and senior living. In addition to economic factors, we have had major changes in geriatric medicine, the use of technology, and how we view aging. Creative options are necessary in order for retiring Americans to have the care they need that meets their desires and is also affordable. Therefore, residential senior living will provide a wide range of new offerings such as eco-friendly housing, expanded amenities, and technological features.

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How Obamacare Impacts Nursing Home Care

Affordable Care Act

Health care reform will be impacting nursing home ownership and care in a number of important areas; transparency of information, listing of nursing own ownership, increased protection for nursing home residents, new nursing home requirements, and improved care for seniors after hospital care. These changes can affect your insurance and risk management, so understanding their potential impact is important.

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