Assisted Living Facilities

Our aging population is unique in their needs and desires. Compared to the elderly of the past, they are more decisive, independent, and active. They desire choices in their assisted living facilities – choices in activities, technology, levels of care, services offered, and the type of residence available. They want on-site services from medical professionals – optometrist, dentists, and podiatrists, in addition to geriatric physicians.

Caregivers in assisted living facilities will need to increase their provision of services to meet these expectations. They will require access to the latest technology for record keeping and medication changes and dispensing.

Additionally, assisted living facilities will need to provide equipment such as remote-controlled walkers that automatically avoid obstacles, ergonomic furniture to provide for residents’ comfort, and programs that reflect this generation’s interest in nutrition, physical exercise, and self-improvement.

With all these changes and advances and the resultant need for additional services, assisted living facilities will face new risks and have increased need for protection against increased exposure. At Highland Risk, we provide proactive support and programs to help facilities control cost, stem loses, and grow their bottom lines. We help our agents provide their clients with key coverage – general liability, employee benefits liability, worker’s compensation, business auto, commercial property, and sexual misconduct.

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