Hospice is a program or facility that provides care and attends to the emotional, spiritual, social, and financial needs of terminally ill patients at a facility or at a patient's home. Hospice is a system of family-centered care designed to assist the terminally ill person to be comfortable and to maintain quality of life through the phases of dying. Hospice care is multidisciplinary and includes home visits, professional health care available on call, teaching and emotional support of the family, and physical care of the client. Some hospice programs provide care in a center, as well as in the home or in a nursing home.

Usually, a hospice patient is expected to live 6 months or less. The goal of hospice care is to improve the quality of a patient's last days by offering comfort and dignity.

Hospice care also involves assistance for patients’ families to help them cope with what is happening. Hospice also offers a variety of bereavement and counseling services to families before and after a patient’s death.

Please contact our professionals at Highland Risk to discuss the programs we have available for those providing quality hospice care at our Chicago office at 847-832-9100 or our Phoenix office at 847-832-9099.

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