Skilled Nursing Facilities

A skilled nursing facility (SNF), traditionally referred to as a nursing home, provides a home for the elderly when they need around-the-clock care by skilled nurses due to a temporary or permanent health issue for which they are not able to get the kind of care they need at home.

The traditional nursing home has changed as the lifespan of American seniors has increased. Instead of simply offering physical care to impaired or frail individuals, homes have become more focused on addressing not only the physical needs of residents, but also their emotional and psychological needs. An increased quality of life is the goal and to achieve that goal residents are provided more flexibility and privacy for attending to their basic needs such as eating, sleeping, and bathing. Additionally, caregivers are increasing their emphasis on giving residents an opportunity to remain active in their communities with outside activities as well as providing additional in-home pursuits.

As skilled nursing facilities evolve to meet the changing needs of our aging population, Highland Risk offers proactive support that helps mitigate risk, control expenses, prevent losses, and grow the bottom line.

Our comprehensive insurance program for skilled nursing facilities is offered exclusively through our agents and includes coverage for professional liability, general liability, employee benefits liability, sexual misconduct, commercial property, business auto, workers compensation, as well as other key coverage.

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