Long-term Acute Care Hospitals

Long-term care hospitals (LTCHs) furnish extended medical and rehabilitative care to individuals with clinically complex problems, such as multiple acute or chronic conditions, that need hospital-level care for relatively extended periods.

Characteristics of a LTACH include:

  • Provides highly advanced and intensively focused care for higher acuity patients who have not responded to short-term treatment in traditional general hospitals.
  • The average length of stay is 25 days as compared to a 3-5 day average in a general hospital.
  • Patients appropriate for LTACHs include those who may be ventilator dependent or suffering from multi-organ failure or deep wound ulcerations.

The biggest difference between a LTACH and a traditional hospital is specialization. LTACH's specialize in Long Term Acute Care services, while a traditional hospital offers many general services such as emergency rooms, maternity wards, and other services.

The second difference is that LTACH's may offer better care for patients that fit their specialization. The LTACH can focus very high standards on just a relatively small list of ailments, where the traditional hospital is more "spread-out" across a wide range of medical specialties. This is not to say that you cannot receive good acute care in a traditional hospital; a Long Term Acute Care Hospital is set up to specialize in acute care.

At Highland Risk, we’re ready to help Long-term Acute Care Hospitals meet the challenges of a changing environment where the goal is to elevate the quality of life for residents. Our insurance services encompass innovative solutions for service providers in LTACH. Please contact Highland Risk to discuss program availability at our Chicago office at 847-832-9100 or our Phoenix office at 847-832-9099.

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